Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item to your right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The last person you texted is your current companion. Your favorite word is now your catchphrase.









  • The Pharmacy Tech
  • 6th regeneration
  • A shirt covered in stars
  • A coworker


  • Student (unemployed?)
  • 9th regeneration
  • Waistcoat
  • Cherie
  • The Banker
  • 6th regeneration
  • Violet pants
  • Erm… The notification of the status of this month’s phone bills?
  • The Babysitter/Knitter/Artist/Student?
  • 3rd Regeneration
  • A mustard yellow coat
  • Rose (srsly.)
  • Ersatz!
  • Official Tumblr Blog (Time Lord name)
  • 0th regeneration
  •  Dalek t-shirt (Wardrobe)
  • The Doctor Who SMS Club (our companion)
  • “Quality” (catchphrase)

  • The Operator
  • 9th regeneration
  • Thneed (it counts, right?)
  • My sister’s my companion
  • Catchphrase: Ah fiddle.

I’m the best Time Lord ever omg.

Artisan (of food, kinda)
9th regeneration
Cloak/shawl thingy. 
My friend Sam. He’s awesome and will be a fantastic companion.
Catchphrase: What even. 

The Artist
3rd regeneration (Does that make this my 4th body then? Since 0 would be your original?)
A multicoloured knitted sweater
My dad as companion
I don’t have a catchphrase

The Graphic Designer.
1st Generation.
My leather bag.
My sister Teri, who would make an excellent companion.
Fuck. <—- This catchphrase might get us into trouble. 

  • The Procrastinator (I’m currently unemployed so this seems like a fair way to describe how I occupy myself)
  • 1st Incarnation
  • Motorcycle goggles
  • My best friend and wifey Manda - this makes me very happy
  • Groovy

And because I have a picture of me wearing said goggles standing in front of a TARDIS, here it is XD

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